4 Months to PSLE: Chinese Game Plan

Many students may feel lost in languages like Chinese with fewer than four months till the PSLE. Short-term mugging and long-term planning are two completely distinct tactics. But all is not hopeless! To help you get the most points, we will breach one of our rules concerning long-term planning.

Vocabulary Mug

For both comprehension and word identification in oral communication, vocabulary is crucial. Your vocabulary may also impact your exam performance. To perform well on the Chinese PSLE, students should ideally possess a solid command of essential language.

Take out your textbook and review the meaning of the keywords from Primary 4 to Primary 6.

Primary 4 students receive 16 units, Primary 5 students receive 18, and Primary 6 students receive 10. Review 5 units each week, going over the meaning before taking a topical test (such as an MCQ) to ensure that you truly comprehend the terminology.

You can also ask your lecturers for suggestions for good books that use vocabulary from your course content. Then read the novels to put yourself to the test. Next, underline any words you do not recognize and review them again. By creating phrases with the terms, you can test your knowledge. Finally, request the company of a parent or educator.

To make the most of your short-term memory, revise everything a week before the paper is due.

Maximize your oral and listening skills

For lesser pupils, this is the crucial factor that decides whether they pass or fail. This is so because scoring points in this section is the simplest! So keep your eyes on the instructor and give a confident response.


  • Attempt to speak Chinese every day till the oral exam. If at all possible, schedule a specific time to discuss particular subjects. Allow yourself to try building Chinese sentences and their reasoning so you can make the most of your study time before the exam.
  • Correct grammar errors with a parent or teacher. Making mistakes is acceptable, but before the paper, learning from them is crucial.
  • Get someone to talk to you and probe you. Then, push yourself to respond to them with examples, especially from your own experiences.

Reading Exercise

  • Each day, read aloud something. Your memory will be tested, which is one of the best ways to learn. This can also help you perform better throughout the exam itself by removing any exam-related anxiety. You can read passages you discover online, and if you’re unsure how to pronounce or understand a word, use Google Translate.
  • To make sure you are familiar with the keywords, you can also read from the textbook. Once more, if you are unsure of words, utilize Google Translate. Avoid making errors like mispronouncing words or having the wrong tone.
  • Consider adding suitable pauses to convey more emotion, and pay attention to the tones used by the various characters. If you can, try practising this by reading aloud to yourself.

Video Oral

Observing what individuals are doing and where they will ensure you have covered all the material. Discuss your viewpoints, such as whether the individuals are morally or what you believe they should be doing in their place.

Get rid of your fear of understanding.

Many students ought to have more confidence in this aspect. Many students can do well on comprehension tests but fail because they misread the question, become anxious, or lack motivation.

Comprehension will generally be considerably more straightforward if you have a strong vocabulary. Therefore, as stated in point 1, make sure you have reviewed the textbook’s language and committed as many of the words to memory as you can.

Ahead of the Paper

With an adult, go over various chapters and discuss what you understand about the plot. This enables you to know how the passage progresses, which is also a valuable ability for composing.

Do one or two practice papers at least once a week. You can improve your reply style for comprehension using this.

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