Top mentoring platforms for your specific needs

After exposure to such devastating COVID situations, employees and organizations need various mentoring platforms to help them survive and rise in this overall new scenario of the business environment.

Most activities require online knowledge and skill to carry on the business without any hindrances. As virtual business is a new condition for many businesses, they need the guidance and support of these mentoring platforms, which has increased their demand in the present state.

Most of the meetings and activities are performed through Zoom video calls, conferencing, and Google meetings; hence, the employees must be brief and gain expertise on using such tools to run the business smoothly.

Thus, let us see a few of the top mentoring platforms that can aid you with specific needs.


  • ASKME allows you to connect yourself with various experts, professionals, entrepreneurs as well as students for whatever help and knowledge you want to possess. They also provide you with great advisers and consultants to help overcome any snags.
  • It offers various services such as video conferencing, chat, audio calling, and tools such as a calendar and submitting feedback, so the employees gain satisfaction while connecting to them.
  • It gives significant importance to the mentor-mentee relationships.
  • Ask lets you have direct access to a pool of highly skilled and verified professionals and experts, including bestselling authors, great and famous entrepreneurs, prominent keynote speakers, and many other exceptional and talented mentors, all in one place.
  • AskMe also provides tools such as calendars to check availability and simultaneously for scheduling and booking.
  • It also has the capacity to make and receive payments securely and through a hassle-free process.

‍Ten Thousand Coffees

  • Ten Thousand Coffees is another well-known brand when it comes to mentoring platforms. The organizations include the HR and program leaders for providing solutions. The software helps you communicate effectively through various features available on their site.
  • It facilitates you with a significant advantage by eliminating the time of matching mentors manually through their auto-matching algorithm. The intelligent matching features provide optimum results with an accuracy of 95%.
  • Many development programs are created for one-on-one sessions. Then, there are introduction and mentoring sessions, which gives you a brief overview and consults the best answer for your complications. It also has Community Hubs & Directories, which allows you to look naturally for colleagues with whom you would like to progress.
  • Office hours give access to your connectivity with various subject matter experts and HR and company leaders to share their opinions and suggestions.
  • Ten Thousand Coffees is moreover very compatible with most HRIS systems.
  • It also uses SSO, which stands for single sign-on, decreasing the organization’s burden.


  • MentorcliQ is a software mentoring platform that helps employees through different engaging and effective services.
  • The company considers itself a business mentoring software platform where the person can learn, acquire, track, and outsource their skills to expand and grow their business.
  • MentorcliQ allows you to access these benefits through their websites or the app, whichever the employees find easy. It also shares the auto-matching mentor options, which cuts the extra manual time people waste on finding their perfect mentor.
  • It collects information about the number of participants and their engagement throughout the session. It also asks for their feedback which provides the understanding of customer satisfaction to the employer. The data are tracked timely through various reporting tools.
  • Many well-known brands, such as LinkedIn, Huntington, and Goodyear, serve as their clients.


  • Among the top mentoring platforms, Together is one common name people visits for their various needs. As the name says for the brand, it is online mentoring software that allows you to have a mentor to boost the growth, development, engagement, and participation of the employees and other members to expand your business.
  • It allows you to develop your mentorship curriculum within the online sessions. It stipulates the chance for auto-matching mentors to get the best out of all the available sources according to needs.
  • It stores data and information in its reporting tools which basically witnesses the communication and engagement of different sessions of mentor-mentee meetings. It also adds data from the feedback and ratings received from the customers and counts their visits to the website or app.
  • Some well-known clients of Together are New York Life, Randstad, Heineken, etc. These famous brands work with Together to establish their name among the leading mentorship companies worldwide.


  • Chronus is a mentorship software platform that majorly concentrates on initiating and developing outstanding matchings. The mentor-mentee relationship works effectively when excellent pairings are made.
  • The company has its proprietary MatchIQ® Technology, which they use to forge good pairings. These all happen while the self-matching option finds and connects to the appropriate mentor the employee desires.
  • The software developed by the company leaders is one significant factor in the smooth functioning of the organization and its success.
  • It helps the mentees by briefing them with an introductory session to help guide them through a step-by-step process.
  • Chronus keeps its data and reporting tools active and collects information through the visit of the customer and their engagement. As feedback, they also provide various surveys.
  • The most known brands working with Chronus are McGraw Hill, MetLife, Uber, etc.

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