Accepting the Resignation of an Employee


Employee resignation can be viewed as an opportunity for you as the employer to learn how to improve leadership skills. Getting the process of accepting an employee’s resignation right can have a wide-reaching impact on the organization. If it’s done well, you can create a positive culture amongst the workforce. 

Taking Records

One of the best ways to respond for this scenario to keep important records of the entire process. Managing an employee’s exit is no small task, and it’s a vital factor in developing leadership skills in the workplace. There’s a risk that the staff may not know the reason for their departure, which can affect their productivity. If the process isn’t handled correctly, it could lead to unfair treatment claims. A formal written acceptance of the resignation is the best way to ensure a smooth transition.

Luckily, most companies follow a predetermined system for handling employee resignations. They will stamp an official business letter to acknowledge the occasion. If an employee’s notice period runs out, they will be notified in writing of the last day they will be on the clock. They will also be given a list of their final wages. They are required to turn in their company property (such as a parking permit or ID badge) on their last working day. This includes company-owned mobile phones, laptops, and keys.

Preparing a Memo

While there isn’t a specific best way to manage an employee’s exit, there are several things you can do to make the process easier. First, you need to ask the resigning employee to prepare a handover memo. This document should contain the following information: an employee’s name, position, the date of their last day, and a summary of their duties. The memo should also contain a detailed outline of the handover procedure.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, here is an infographic from Corporate Learning Solutions detailing the other ways to deal with an employee resignation:

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