Cuet 2022: guidelines,eligibilty and study material to refer.

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET 2022) is being adopted by the Ministry of Education for admission into all undergraduate programmes at all Central Universities for the academic year 2022-2023. (MoE). With the Common University Entrance Test (CUET), applicants from all over the nation—especially those from rural and other remote areas—would have a standard starting point and fair possibilities. Additionally, it will improve linkages to universities.

CUET 2022 guidelines

To help candidates before the entrance exam, the CUET 2022 instructions are provided below.

  • It is advised that applicants show up at the testing place 1-2 hours before the admissions exam is scheduled to begin. Please be aware that they won’t be allowed to access the testing location 30 minutes prior to the exam’s start time.
  • Candidates should check that they have all the required documents, including their admit card and ID proof, before leaving their homes to take the exam.
  • Because there is negative marking in the CUCET, candidates should exercise extreme caution when attempting any answer.

  • Every hour of the exam will include 20 minutes of compensatory time for candidates with baseline disabilities (PwD).


  • On the CUCET admit card 2022, they must attach a recent photo of themselves.
  • Candidates won’t be able to enter the testing facility without their admit card.
  • Since the majority of the items are prohibited inside the testing facility, candidates should bring the least amount of items possible.

In addition to the CUET’s universal certification standards, each universities are obligated to disclose their own standards. Before completing the CUET application form, all prospective students are urged to visit the website of their chosen university to confirm their eligibility requirements.

However, the applicants must meet any age requirements of the university to which they wish to apply for undergrad admission.

Important Information About CUET 2023 Eligibility Requirements

  • Each of the participating universities is free to establish its own standards for UG admissions eligibility.
  • The weighting of the CUET 2022 scores will depend entirely on whether you’re accepted into one of the participating universities in CUET 2023.
  • CUET eligibility does not currently indicate an age restriction. However, universities have the authority to set minimum and maximum ages for admission to all (or any) of the available UG programs.
  • For UG admission to Universities using CUET – 2023, the present policies controlling quota, category, relaxation, reservation policy, qualification, subject combinations, preferences, etc. of the relevant University shall be applicable.
  • Candidates are recommended to examine the website of the specific university to which they are applying for their chosen programs because the eligibility requirements for admission may differ for each institution.
  • Before applying, candidates are recommended to confirm that they meet the requirements established by the university to which they are applying.
  • A candidate cannot be considered for admission to the program based solely on their participation in the entrance exam or their score on the exam unless they also meet the university’s program-specific eligibility requirements.

Important CUET Study Guides

The exam structure for the CUET 2023 UG courses has three sections: languages, domain-specific, and general tests. The following preparation books are suggested for candidates who desire expert preparation:

”The Use of English Grammar by Raymond Murphy”

  • “Complete Mathematics, published by Lucent”
  • “Quantitative aptitude shortcuts by Disha experts for competitive exams”
  • “Arihant Publication’s Arithmetic Test”
  • “Arihant Publication’s “Analytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning”
  • “Disha Experts’ Quick Reference by Disha”
  • “Arihant’s Competitive English Grammar & Composition”

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