Should Your Child Study Higher Chinese?

To progress to higher stages of post-secondary education, students must finish the O or N Level examinations as part of their secondary school curriculum. While preparing for major national exams is difficult in and of itself, Chinese is one of the most challenging courses that most students struggle with.

O Level Higher Chinese, in particular, is infamous for being one of the most difficult topics to learn and master. It is believed to test virtually the same content as the A Level H1 Chinese curriculum.

Despite this, many students are pushed or encouraged to pursue the topic due to the benefits it may provide.

So the question is, should you study Higher Chinese?

Taking the O Level Higher Chinese course indeed comes with challenges that many students may find stressful. However, it is indisputable that if you take the topic and do well, you will enjoy the advantages for a long time.

Here are some of the benefits of studying O Level Higher Chinese:

Extra Points

Every point matters when it comes to anything as competitive as your O Levels. So, why wouldn’t you desire some extra points to differentiate yourself apart from your peers?

Because O Level Higher Chinese is a complex subject to learn, the Ministry of Education (MOE) recognises and rewards students who strive and achieve success on their O Level Higher Chinese test with two bonus points.

You will be able to remove two points from your overall raw score if you get a pass in Higher Chinese. With admissions to exceptional JCs and Polytechnic courses in the single digits, this withdrawal of two bonus points might significantly influence your chances of getting into your selected higher school.

Language Proficiency

If you are suitable for Higher Chinese, it indicates you have a strong foundation in the Chinese language.

Why not push yourself to learn at a higher level?

The O Level Higher Chinese syllabus includes additional topics to cover and more advanced language abilities. To do well in Higher Chinese, students must have a strong comprehension of Chinese literature and proficiency in writing and speaking the language. This helps you to acquire higher-order thinking skills while also improving your already strong command of the language.

Mastery of the Chinese language may aid you in your future job and is a tremendous lifelong talent.


Should you study Higher Chinese for your O Levels? 

Yes, the answer is yes!

There is no reason why you shouldn’t learn the language, given the various benefits. However, if you are concerned about the strain and stress (which is understandable), remember that you can do everything you set your mind to. Your efforts will be rewarded!

Other than that, you can also look into a Chinese tuition centre in Singapore to aid you with your O Level preparations. For one, they will go to you at your leisure, and you will just have to pay your course costs for each class at reasonable prices! It doesn’t get much better than this.

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